Tuesday, September 15

back to school

Yep, after a few months of a translator career I’m back to teaching English as a second language.

What can I say; I missed the drive and the extreme of school life... and got a huge doze of it on day one. There were no books to work with. The administration was kind enough to order new student’s books for each and every pupil but didn’t purchase a single one for teachers!

On the 1st of September I had neither textbooks nor teacher’s books and a crowd of well-equipped pupils. It was okay at first, as we just got acquainted I explained the classroom rules and dictated the list of required stationery. Then I launched a summer holiday survey to get the pupils speaking. By the next lesson I had downloaded exercises from the Internet and devoted it to grammar revision. So far, so good.

The second week went smoother as some teachers’ sets of books had been delivered. There are also some student’s books available on the Internet. They help me keep the students occupied.

God bless the web for a huge amount of downloadable materials, I would have never survived the past two weeks without them.