Friday, October 31

Happy Hallowe'en!

Hey-how for Hallowe'en

A' the witches tae be seen,

Some are black, an' some green,

Hey-how for Hallwe'en.

Eat, drink and be scary!

Thursday, October 30

over a cup of coffee

I'm back to coffee, which is a very wrong thing to do, as my bloodpressure changes every second. On the other hand it gets me concentrated. So let be it.

Yesterday the company president presented me and a couple of other office-mates a wonderful gift - a mobile phone for business purposes. Wow! I didn't want to be rude and played oh-I-am-so-grateful role, but Gosh! C118 cannot be useful, as it lacks most of functions that're so presious for a forever-on-the-phone manager like myself. Besides, it's just ugly.

The president has also asked me to make a list of employees, who'll take part in a new-year party at the end of December. I offered him my help with organisation, but he said everything had been taken care of. He had made arrangements himself!

I'm dreading the coming party already.

I need more coffee.

P.S. By the way, does anyone need the phone free of charge?

Tuesday, October 28

bored again

Today is one of those boring days, when nothing happens around the office. So I'm entertaining myself playing Alpha Bravo Charlie game.

It's a cool one!

I pretend that the enemies in it are my bosses. It gives me thrill to see a bomb crashing the enemies and their shelters

Monday, October 27

weekend post

One more movie weekend is over.
I watched "Beauty and the Beast" - one of the greatest cartoons America has ever produced.

"Hairspray", a colourful light-hearted musical about the swinging 60ies. I just love John Travolta's wonderful dancing.

And "Wedding Crashers". The movie disappointed me so much that even Christopher Walker didn't save the day.

I also had my very first professional photography session at a studio. That was an amazing experience and I did feel like a movie star. As soon as the pictures're ready I'll post a couple of them here.

Saturday, October 25

animal planet

sports & games.

Friday, October 24

Thursday post

Yesterday was busy, but nice. First and foremost I transfered all money from the company's bank account, and we are now gathering documents to open an account in a new bank. The rush is over.

Secondly, I learnt how to reboot the server and activate the network in the office. After an hour of struggle it worked again and I felt like a superman... or superwoman :)

Thirdly, I downloaded five new episodes of "NCIS" and watched them all. I'm so happy to see Gibbs and his team back on the screen.

Finally, I officialy decided to look for a new job.

Wednesday, October 22


Working my way through conversations with partners, clients and money transfering I learnt how to use the beautiful phone we have in the office, finally. It may be hard to believe, but I didn't know that it's possible to transfer calls not only to local three-numbered phones, but also to foreign numbers and even mobile phones. WOW!

I also learnt how to talk to three people simultaneouly so that they can't eavesdrop on the other two conversations. In short, today is the Discoveries Day!

I also hope to escape the office an hour earlier and have my hair done finally. It's such a mess now.

Tuesday, October 21

on my own

What a day! The bosses have gone, the accountant isn't here either. So I'm just enjoying lovely music and keep on transfering money, more money.

Yesterday, I went to the movies to see "The Righteous Kill", an exciting up-tempo detective story about crimes and punishment that are sometimes hard to justify. At the end of the movie I was still unsure if the main character had done an evil or a right thing murdering those villains.

On the one hand my inner morality says that killing others is a sin; on the other hand certain others must be destroyed to keep the world safe. So, I guess, a kill may be righteous, after-all.

Monday, October 20

smth is really wrong

It was a cold rainy morning. I went to the bank as usual and then to the office. At the office the bosses were sitting around the table waiting for me. I sensed a trouble.

The next 90 minutes the bosses were telling me how they want me to work, persuading not to be aggressive to new stuff members and be nice. A new building-site manager pointed out that I was too curious about him and that next time he got upset about me I'd lose the job.


Later I found out that I had to listen to all that crap about myself, because the new accountant lady had shared her thoughts about me with the bosses. That is frustrating, as she is just a new kid on the block and already spreads dirty gossips.

I have to admit that it really startles me. It's not that I'm afraid of losing a job (I don't like it anyway), it's about my relationship with the colleagues that may get ruined at once. Guess, from now on I shan't say a single word to the new accountant exept for "hello" and " I need this or that register".


Saturday, October 18

animal planet

...just seat back and relax

Friday, October 17

money must be funny...

... but it is NOT!

Thank you, dear blogger-mates, for your kind words, they're great support!

So I have been figuring out since yesterday how to correct the bosses' wrong transferring. The night was sleepless, the morning was frustrating as there were more calls from our partners demanding the money.

The time come to talk to my bosses and find out What the hell were you thinking transfering payments TWICE while I was away? They fell silent for a moment and then started to explain something incomprehensible. So I had them seated and asked to list all the payments. It took awhile. Finally, I got the list and ordered not to pay ANYTHING until I give the clearance. They promised to obey.*fingers crossed*

Talking to one of our clients, whom I'd persuaded to transfer the money back, I found out that our bank was solvent for almost a week and started to pay again only now. What a surprise! (When I talked to the bank on Monday, they said they were just fine)

Two more clients are not able to return anything, but they promised to take in account the sent money. The next bill will be paid minus the sum we'd sent.

There're four more partners to talk to. Wish me luck

Thursday, October 16

money money money

I've spent three days on clearing up the mess from my two-week absence and the end is still not in sight. Some of the invoices were paid twice, the other were not even registered, so I have to figure out how to return the money. That is a mission impossible now, as the crisis affects banks so much that they're incapable of fast money transfering.

Moreover, it takes payments two or three days to reach the addressee instead of an hour or two. And I keep on explaining to each and every phoning partner that we have sent the money and that they will be on their accounts in a day or two. Gosh, it's exhausting!

Wednesday, October 15

autumn sunshine

Have you ever noticed that the sun is more smiling in autumn? It is too hot in summer and really cold in winter so people suffer either from a sunstroke or from cold. While in autumn people become a little happier if days are sunny.

Today I was walking from a local tax inspectorate to the office and was watching people strolling down both sunny and shady sides of the street. People on the shady side looked tired, unhappy or bored, while the guys on the sunny one were smiling at the sun, chatting cheerfully and laughing.

What a beautiful day! I thought and decided to have lunch outside. The lunch seemed to be more delicious than usual. I'm sure sunshine is to blame for it.

Monday, October 13

back to work

Happy and suntanned I entered the office to find it in a mess. There were papers all around, some PC gadgets and planderred cardbox of stationery. Moreover the software must have been reinstalled and almost all my personal files and plugins are gone. That's pathetic.

So I'm not as happy as I was in the morning. I've cleaned up the office, gathered all the stationary that I could find and sorted the mail by lunch. Whew.

P.S. The two-week holidays were amazing as I travelled around the Holy Land, swam in the sea and sunbathed a lot ;)I wish the holidays never ended.