Thursday, October 30

over a cup of coffee

I'm back to coffee, which is a very wrong thing to do, as my bloodpressure changes every second. On the other hand it gets me concentrated. So let be it.

Yesterday the company president presented me and a couple of other office-mates a wonderful gift - a mobile phone for business purposes. Wow! I didn't want to be rude and played oh-I-am-so-grateful role, but Gosh! C118 cannot be useful, as it lacks most of functions that're so presious for a forever-on-the-phone manager like myself. Besides, it's just ugly.

The president has also asked me to make a list of employees, who'll take part in a new-year party at the end of December. I offered him my help with organisation, but he said everything had been taken care of. He had made arrangements himself!

I'm dreading the coming party already.

I need more coffee.

P.S. By the way, does anyone need the phone free of charge?


Kitty Cat said...

I'm a bit uneducated, does coffee affect one's blood pressure?
Hee hee - shame and he thinks he's doing you a huge favour giving you the phone!

Sass said...

Is that a pay as you go phone? It looks like one! Sorry. Was that rude? ;)

Sunny said...

Kitty cat, Caffeine in coffee causes blood vessels to constrict this increases blood pressure as well as stimulating metabolism which also runs up your blood pressure.
Decaffeinated coffee still contains some caffeine so even if you switch you need to reduce your consumption.

sass, :))

Slyde said...

wow, your job sounds much better than mine. Last year they cancelled the holiday party and gave us a box of chocolate instead.


and the chocolate had the company logo on it, to boot.

Kasia said...

Thanks God, we organising Christmas lunch ourselves - there's not enough people to have a party, so we just go out for a meal and a lot of expensive wine that my boss pays for :)

I guess the phone was just something old he needed to get rid of, wasn't it?

Miss Caught Up said...

Are you still looking for another job? You sound stressed.

Sunny said...

Slyde, hope this year you will enjoy the party

Kasia, lots of wine is great!

Miss Caught Up, yes, I'm still looking for a nother job