Friday, October 24

Thursday post

Yesterday was busy, but nice. First and foremost I transfered all money from the company's bank account, and we are now gathering documents to open an account in a new bank. The rush is over.

Secondly, I learnt how to reboot the server and activate the network in the office. After an hour of struggle it worked again and I felt like a superman... or superwoman :)

Thirdly, I downloaded five new episodes of "NCIS" and watched them all. I'm so happy to see Gibbs and his team back on the screen.

Finally, I officialy decided to look for a new job.


Miss Caught Up said...

Wow! You've accomplished a lot AND you're looking for a change! Adventure! Adventure!

Anonymous said...

good luck on the job hunt!

Vodka Mom said...

do it! Be brave, and find something you LOVE to do. It only make sense, right??

Sunny said...

Yep, adventures is something I miss so much!

Thanks, Southern Sage

Well, Vodka mom, the thing I love to do doesn't bring enough income :)