Friday, October 17

money must be funny...

... but it is NOT!

Thank you, dear blogger-mates, for your kind words, they're great support!

So I have been figuring out since yesterday how to correct the bosses' wrong transferring. The night was sleepless, the morning was frustrating as there were more calls from our partners demanding the money.

The time come to talk to my bosses and find out What the hell were you thinking transfering payments TWICE while I was away? They fell silent for a moment and then started to explain something incomprehensible. So I had them seated and asked to list all the payments. It took awhile. Finally, I got the list and ordered not to pay ANYTHING until I give the clearance. They promised to obey.*fingers crossed*

Talking to one of our clients, whom I'd persuaded to transfer the money back, I found out that our bank was solvent for almost a week and started to pay again only now. What a surprise! (When I talked to the bank on Monday, they said they were just fine)

Two more clients are not able to return anything, but they promised to take in account the sent money. The next bill will be paid minus the sum we'd sent.

There're four more partners to talk to. Wish me luck


Miss Caught Up said...

Damn... I knew it was Bush's fault lol

Sunny said...

lol, actually this photo of Bush, represents the way I look and feel now: crazy hair, really worried, tired and holding the reciever upside down.

Kitty Cat said...

Shame I've been there, I worked in accounts at one company and their payments were all messed, exactly the same, invoices paid twice, then you have to minus that amount off the next invoice and it all gets so confusing...but it sounds like you've got it sorted.