Wednesday, July 30

Office life

I'm a so-called "junior manager" in the company and have been getting acquainted with the trade for two months already.

The first thing that impressed me most was the organisation of documents circulation which had never existed and the papers had been piling up all around the office, so I had to sort them out somehow. I bought various files, folders, document cases, paper-cases etc, created several useful tables in Excel, registered and filed hundreds of letters, faxes, contracts, agreements, bills, invoices and so on. Finally, there were two neat lines of signed folders in the bookcases and I felt very complacent.

The second mission was to mail the letters that had been gathering for a month or so since my forerunner had left. That was much fun as I spoiled millions of envelopes before learning how to insert them in the printer correctly, later I discovered envelope stickers that made mailing much easier for me :)

The third mission is to arrange accounts and it's a disaster, as the way of keeping them is enough to turn your hair grey. I'm working through it for two days already and the end is nowhere in sight :(

*dancing goats*

It is amazing that the humankind has to thank Ethiopian goats for discovering coffee berries that are now provide the business world with the best beverage ever. But for the goats businesspeople would never be able to concentrate, feel better after a hard day night and work mornings.

A colleague of mine is so grateful to the animals that runs a small coffee fan club called "Frisky Goat". It is a crazy place where a lot of sorts of coffee are kept and regulars bring all possible recipes. Every day pale-faced regulars with black circles under thier eyes slowly fill the kitchen around 9 AM, their shaking hands pour water in the pots and coffemachines, fill the coffee-grinders with beans inhaling the mesmeric aroma and press the magic buttons.

Soon the room fills with breathtaking aroma so the regulars' eyes open wider, they reach out thier cups, pour coffee and little by little hands stop shaking, conversation buzz starts, smiles appear on lips, little rouge gets to cheeks and at about 9.30 AM happier rubicund people flow out of the kitchen. Workday begins.

Tuesday, July 29

some trivia

July, 29 in 1965
The Beatles' second film "Help!'' premiere was shown in London. Queen Elizabeth was in attendance.

PO vs Rain

Standing in a queue is a huge let-you-downer, but queuing in a stuffy post office that exhales cheap air freshener aroma makes it even worse. The thing that always amazes me about post offices is the lack of fresh air.

While the modern technologies allow to keep air fresh and purified, the smell of wax, dust and ink never leaves the post office. That may be the reason for the PO employees to be so slow, dull and irritated. Besides It's a torture to stand at the counter for ages, I almost suffocated to death several times. And I know I'd hate the idea of collapsing on a dirty grayish floor of the PО.

Today I've managed to survive a half-an-hour queue in an immensely stuffy and smelly PO and escaped it just to find myself in a really heavy shower. Apparently there was no umbrella in the handbag and I had soaked to the skin by the time I reached the office. However I was really happy to break free from the stuffy room.

Life's good even though there is no dryer at the office!

Monday, July 28

a little background

The last seven years I spent teaching the mysterious world of the English language. The job was much fun and nothing seemed to change for the worse. However one day I suddenly realised that I couldn't stand it any longer. I still loved teaching, but other things such as sorting out papers,  arguments with pupils and their parents, the laziness of the children and their reluctance to learn whatever I taught them drove me crazy, so I quitted.

Now I work as a manager in a timber company, where I don't have much to do and most of the time just sit around surfing the internet and listening to music. In short, the job is BORING, so I'm wondering what to take up next.

Too bad it's too late to become a rocket scientist :)

Friday, July 25

Fresh Start

Living my life again...