Wednesday, July 30

Office life

I'm a so-called "junior manager" in the company and have been getting acquainted with the trade for two months already.

The first thing that impressed me most was the organisation of documents circulation which had never existed and the papers had been piling up all around the office, so I had to sort them out somehow. I bought various files, folders, document cases, paper-cases etc, created several useful tables in Excel, registered and filed hundreds of letters, faxes, contracts, agreements, bills, invoices and so on. Finally, there were two neat lines of signed folders in the bookcases and I felt very complacent.

The second mission was to mail the letters that had been gathering for a month or so since my forerunner had left. That was much fun as I spoiled millions of envelopes before learning how to insert them in the printer correctly, later I discovered envelope stickers that made mailing much easier for me :)

The third mission is to arrange accounts and it's a disaster, as the way of keeping them is enough to turn your hair grey. I'm working through it for two days already and the end is nowhere in sight :(

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