Friday, August 1

Coffee Test

Are you a coffee addict?

1: Do you prefer coffee or tea?
a) I don't drink coffee or tea and therefore has no reason to do this test. I just do it to laugh at coffee maniacs.
b) I prefer tea and should probably do a tea-test instead, but this test might work for tea too.

2: What do you think of mornings?
a) I like mornings and start to work early because it's the best time of the day to get things done.
b) I don't do morning... I'm tired and slow and don't get started until noon.
c) I really hate the part between waking up and drinking the day's first coffee.

3: What kind of coffee do you prefer?
a) I like not so strong coffee so that I can drink a lot of it.
b) I like strong and tasty coffee! I have my special favorit and I rather not drink anything else.
c) I don't care much, but I drink it with milk because it's better for my stomach.

4: So what about coffee?
a) I'm already drinking coffee or had just had some.
b) Gaaaah!!! *runs to get coffee*
c) Gnnn! I NEED COFFEE! Where is it?!? Oh... right here. *drinks*

5: The one who is always in your dreams has invited you for coffee, but there was non, so you are asked if you want sex instead. What do you do?
a) SEX! We can drink coffee at my place afterwards.
b) No coffee at home? That's such a turn off! I stop dreaming about that freak.
c) I eat some CCCB
that I always bring in case there is no coffee and then we can have sex.

6: What do you like to have with your coffee?
a) Biscuits, cakes and chocolate.
b) I can eat almost anything.
It's more important how the coffee taste.
c) Coffee.

7: Have you ever drunk too much coffee?
a) No, I always stop after 2-3 cups.
b) Oh yes! It made me sooo sick! I'll try to not do it again.
c) Yes, I was so shaky and then I didn't have to drink any more coffee for an entire day!


Count how many C you have and subtract the number of A you have and look at this table:

-7: You don't drink coffee, silly!
-6: You know that tea might colour your teeth?
-5: You only drink coffee to get friends.
-4..0: You have a strong love for coffee, but you're not an addict.
1: You're a coffee-addict. At least your coffee-drinking saves your liver a little. Please note that it's healthier with filtered coffee, as quit drinking coffee isn't an option for you.
2-5: You are very used to your coffee addiction and don't really think much about it.
6: Nothing means more than coffee for you and you want the entire world to know, to lower the risk that you ever be without coffee. But you should remember that there are people out there that want to torture you!
7: You're way beyond addiction - You have ascended! You are the Buddah of coffee addiction. Followers around the globe follow your orders to praise the holy bean and to maybe finally also become one with the bean.


Sunny said...

my result is "-4..0: You have a strong love for coffee, but you're not an addict."

What's yours?

RainbowMom said...

My result is -1. Funny.. I only drink tea now after the heart palpatations! :) Great blog! Peace.