Tuesday, August 26

shaping up

The time has come to take up sports again. So I'm trying to force myself to jog, I was a success three time already and believe it'll ll be a pleasure more than a torture soon.

In the meantime jogging hurts, as some part of the body is in pain by the end of the run. I also do some simple exercises to Cindy Crawford's cd's, I just love her programme!

The only thing I still have to persuade myself into is not- eating- after- 7PM.


Miss Caught Up said...

I'm trying to force myself to swim in the mornings before work or do yoga after work. I've been trying to force myself to do this for the past two weeks... it hasn't happened. I believe it will happen one of these days :)

Sunny said...

I wish you to take it up as soon as possible, as it is really great to hear the heart thumping and feel the blood running through the veins! Besides I get slimmer and thinner :))