Monday, August 4

Saturday night out

Bored and tired I left the office and headed to my favourite "Liverpool bar" to unwind. The bar's the only place in town that serves great cocktails and provides me with rock-'n'-roll music and a good chat, the only two things that keep me going these days.

Unfortunatelly, that night was a blues - rock performance, as the lead singer was absent and the other group members couldn't sing much rock-'n'-roll stuff. So I got even more disappointed and tired and ordered a "Manhattan". By the time the band played "Still Got The Blues" I had finished the second "Manhattan" and was about getting really upset when a guy joined me at the bar and started chatting in English. I cheered up right away and we spent the rest of the evening discussing New York, pros and cons of city life, the sights of my city, families, jobs and what not.

You may be wondering what is so exciting about chatting with a stranger at a bar, well I'll tell you. I'm crazy about the English language! I love speaking it, listening to it, writing in it, however there are not many opportunities to use it either at work or anywhere else, so I go to bars for tourists to get a dose.

I may never meet that guy again, but I thank him anyway for those three hours in English, they were amazing.


Kasia said...

Back where I come from I was working in international companies with English as an office language. But I guess living in the UK is a simpler way to use it all the time :) But I find a convenience rather than a pleasure :)

Sunny said...

Well, it's not a job to speak English, it is more a hobby... an obsession :)

Do you miss your homeland?

Kasia said...

Not that much - there's a lot of my countrymen in Edinburgh. I visit my dad once a year and I keep in touch with friends and family. I miss Edinburgh when I leave, though!