Friday, August 29


Yesterday was really frustrating, as the weather changed drastically and my blood pressure got very low. The day was a blur and I have no idea how I managed to finish my recent project in syncope. I thought I'd never see the end of the day, while the bosses were really in high spirits and kept on joking about me. So I began to wonder wether they had grown to like me or they wanted me to find a new job somewhere else. I'm still wondering.

Anyway, after work I decided to walk a little hoping to feel better. It didn't help, I just felt even more sick. By the time I came home there had been only one thought in mind to check my Facebook page and hit the bed. There was a new picture with me on Facebook. I clicked it... and here it was a beautiful water-lily, selected and marked as me (my name's Lilia). I was so much suprised that even shed tears. Then a miracle happened: the pain left, the blood pressure stabilized and I felt as good as new.

I'm really grateful to that boy for curing me so fast with a little lily :) The troubles really seemed so far away at that moment.

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