Wednesday, August 6


Every working morning the alarm goes off at 6am and blasts "We Will Rock You" at the maximum volume. I reach it on the floor, make sure it is 6 am and fall asleep again.

Next blust comes at 6.15, but I usually miss it.

At 6.30 the cell wakes my consciousness finally. I stumble to the kitchen, heat two huge saucepans of water. Yes, two huge saucepans that serve as a shower, as there is no hot water in summer. Times are really rough for the three of no-hot-water weeks, because I get dirty in summer twice as fast as in winter.

Anyway, while the water is heating I'm cooking breakfast for myself and a cat. If of course the cat falls at my feet with a squeaky "meow" otherwise I may not even remember that I have a cat! It is a morning, okay. I can't remeber much at 7 am.

By the shower time I'm almost happy as the outfit is chosen and the breakfast is eaten. So I grab a bowl and take the sausepans to the cold bathroom. Shiverring I pour more and more water to get warm and clean. Soon the torture is over, the clock shows 7.30am - the time to head to the underground station. However there's still make-up and hair to do.

By the time I like the reflexion in the mirror the bus has already left. So at 8am I leave the apartment. There is an hour and fifteen minutes of hustle and bustle of buses, trains and cabs ahead.

At 9.30 I'm in the office... at my door to be more precise, as I have forgotten the key at home.


Kasia said...

:))) I skip the crap of make-up and hair-do :) The no-hot-water period sounds familiar, common practice where my dad lives. It used to be four weeks, now it's down to one, I think. We used to drive 10 km to my parents' country house to take a shower, wash our hair etc. And then back. When I was spending holidays at my parents' I would just stay in the countryside. Less hassle, but getting back to town was a bit tricky.

Sunny said...

My granny sometimes offers to come down her place and have a shower there, however it is useless, because I get dirty again on the way back.

hmm... the countryside does have its advantages. There're lakes and water is usually warmer in them than in the tap :)