Friday, January 20

a Farewell and a Legend

From my 2009 diary.

As soon as my family found out that I was about leaving for Kabardino-Balkaria district, they freaked out. They warned me about locals who were capable of kidnapping a girl in order to marry, that they were hot tempered and I’d better never leave the territory of the hotel on my own.

They even told me a legend about a dzhigit* who once kidnapped a girl and galloped her up into the mountains. There he threw a yak-fell on stones, raped the girl and said that it would be her home from then on. The girl submited.

The story impressed me, of course, however I thought that if I had been that girl, I would have knocked down the guy, jumped onto his horse and galloped back to my parents.

What a romantic experience could it have been!

There were more stories about the habits of locals, but none of them would persuade me to travel there. That’s why I packed up my skiing gear and got on the first train to the Caucasus Mountains.

*dzhigit – an inhabitant of Kabardino-Balkaria district, the Caucasus Mountains; a very talented horse rider

What every student needs to know – in pictures

The slideshow from Advice To Sink Slowly is for students. However everyone should follow it.

Enjoy the project. "It Will Be Worth it":

... and "Be Yourself":

Sunday, January 8

Winter clean-up

New year has arrived and it's time to clean up last year's stuff and remove 5 extra kilos I've gained during the festive season.

First of all I took down decorations. The house instantly turned empty and gloomy. Then I sorted out Christmas kitsch gifts and carton bags to forward them as presents recycle. Miss Christmas already.

Furthermore I donated XXL and pregnancy outfits to charity shops, made L clothes ready to wear and put M's on higher shelves of the wardrobe in hope to wear them again one day... Dream on, girl.

Finally, greeting cards from the last decade and old diaries went to the bin.

I'm very proud of myself now :)

I also flicked through those diaries. Found all kinds of entries from super embarrassing to cute. I'll probably post some entries here. Ah, good ol' days.

...Meanwhile have to work on those extra kilos.