Friday, January 20

a Farewell and a Legend

From my 2009 diary.

As soon as my family found out that I was about leaving for Kabardino-Balkaria district, they freaked out. They warned me about locals who were capable of kidnapping a girl in order to marry, that they were hot tempered and I’d better never leave the territory of the hotel on my own.

They even told me a legend about a dzhigit* who once kidnapped a girl and galloped her up into the mountains. There he threw a yak-fell on stones, raped the girl and said that it would be her home from then on. The girl submited.

The story impressed me, of course, however I thought that if I had been that girl, I would have knocked down the guy, jumped onto his horse and galloped back to my parents.

What a romantic experience could it have been!

There were more stories about the habits of locals, but none of them would persuade me to travel there. That’s why I packed up my skiing gear and got on the first train to the Caucasus Mountains.

*dzhigit – an inhabitant of Kabardino-Balkaria district, the Caucasus Mountains; a very talented horse rider


Mo said...

Men's violence against women romantisied in fairy stories and we didn't realise at the time. Time for all these stories to be re-written. I like your version of girl knocks potential rapist over and gallops off on his horse leaving him to think about his motives.

Sunny said...

I agree. If only all women were strong enough to kick a bad guy's ass.