Friday, January 14

Weight Gain

Last visit to gynaecologist's was quite stressing. She nagged at me for gaining 6 lb in three weeks. She believed that weekly gain should be 1 lb max and warned that those extra pounds would hamper in labour.

Frustrated, I called another doctor who said that an average woman gained up to 35 lb during pregnancy and I had nothing to worry about. What a relief!

I also googled how much weight I should gain. There goes the answer:

Based on your pre-pregnancy body size, a healthy weight gain to aim for is:

- Underweight - gain 28-39lb
- Normal - gain 25-35lb
- Overweight - gain 15-25lb
- Very overweight - gain at least 15 lb

info on weight gain is from Pregnancy & Birth magazine

Saturday, January 1


Dreams do come true...

A few months back I found out that I was pregnant. What a tearful discovery it was! I told no one but mum. My boyfriend was the second to know after a visit to the clinic.

The first ultrasound showed a little black spot with a tiny white heart. "Meet the baby!" the doctor solemnly announced and my life has never been the same again.

On the way home I purchased a couple of magazines to glimpse into what I'm about to go through. There was a whole new world of healthy life style, proper nutrition, pelvic floor workouts and nappy changing.

How am I supposed to learn all that within 9 months and become a super mom?