Friday, January 14

Weight Gain

Last visit to gynaecologist's was quite stressing. She nagged at me for gaining 6 lb in three weeks. She believed that weekly gain should be 1 lb max and warned that those extra pounds would hamper in labour.

Frustrated, I called another doctor who said that an average woman gained up to 35 lb during pregnancy and I had nothing to worry about. What a relief!

I also googled how much weight I should gain. There goes the answer:

Based on your pre-pregnancy body size, a healthy weight gain to aim for is:

- Underweight - gain 28-39lb
- Normal - gain 25-35lb
- Overweight - gain 15-25lb
- Very overweight - gain at least 15 lb

info on weight gain is from Pregnancy & Birth magazine


yogurt said...

Shame faced here, I gained 60 pounds my first pregnancy. But thankfully lost every bit of it. Still, it made for some really uncomfortable final weeks.

What was I eating that helped me gain so much? Coffee ice cream, of course!

I was really happy that my doctor never nagged me about my weight. I don't think nagging particularly helps but it sure relieved my anxiety pre-check ups.

Congrats on your pregnancy, by the way. Such an exciting time in a woman's life. It really is amazing, isn't it?

Sunny said...

Thank you for congrats :) Pregnancy is indeed an exciting time, it is also pretty difficult. Fortunatelly, my husband supports and encourages me. I've never realised how important an extra hug can be :)