Thursday, August 7

Are you up yet?

Got inspired by my and working girl’s post about morning routine and tried to figure out how not to be late. Thanks to the best browser ever and the cutest site I came up with the following list:

1. Do the maths
Stagger wake up time. Figure the amount of time you need to get ready without rushing things and set the alarm clock 15-20 minutes earlier than the actual time of waking up. In my case the alarm goes off an hour earlier & rings every 10 minutes.

2. Choose the location
Move the alarm clock out of reach from your bed that way you’ll have to get up to turn it off. My advice to use one of those crazy alarm clocks that has some flying parts so you’ll have to catch it to switch off.

3. Think Ahead
Have the clothes you will wearthe next morning ironed, nails - polished and painted in the evening. It’ll stop you from wondering what to put on in the morning.

4. Collect handbag items in the evening
Put all the necessary items in your handbag beforehand in order not to hunt down your cell, the second ear-ring or keys, which you “left right here in the evening”, all around the apartment.

5. Sleep Enough
Go to sleep earlier to allow yourself at least seven hour sleep. Besides complexion very much depends on the night rest.


Kasia said...

Nah, that wouldn't work for me :) My alarm clock is set 10 minutes earlier than I should get up and every day I get up at different times :) Doesn't matter where the alarm clock is - I would just go back to bed after switching it off:) In Scotland having clothes ready doesn't work. You never know what's the weather going to be like the next day! I am usually quite good with handbag content, but I still left my keys at home a couple of time for now apparent reason :) And finally - if I'm not sleepy, there's no point in going to bed, I just can't fall asleep. I have to get tired first :) Guess I have to accept the morniong rush :)

Sunny said...

:) After reading through hundreds of tips I found these most suitable for me, followed them and was not late for work today. The boss was surprised.

I guess everyone should find thier own ways of waking up on time :))