Tuesday, August 12

Work overload

The last three days were like a merry-go-round on loose. Can I say that in English?

On Friday night a friend invited me for a drink. Two mojitos, a cosmopolitain, stuffy room, wild music and endless chatter with strangers clouded my mind so much that by midnight my friend and me found ourselves in a gorgeous appartment somewhere in the centre, where the party continued with hip-hop dancing, a stripper (or was it me??) and karaoke singing. Later at night we sailed a boat down the river photographing, screaming and drinking again. I'm wondering if anyone believes that I was only on cherry juice by that time.

Anyway, by 7Am I got home just to realise that I have courses at 11Am. I remeber going to the coursed but they were blur as another friend picked me up after them and in an hour I was flying in a plane.

The party continued in the capital. We spend the day at a little lake not far from the city bathing and sleeping(yes, i needed it so much), then got home to spruce up and headed to a pirate club where the amount of alcohol in blood increased. More dances and more karaoke singing came. I won a bottle of champagne for performing "Old Devil Moon" on the stage of the club, must have sung really well!

Early in the morning I left to have a little nap at my childhood friend's appartment. She never let me rest enough, because she intended to go shopping on Sunday. And since I flew in there the whole way from St.Petersburg I was to join her. So I dragged myself to the shower, applied some mascara and lipgloss and we set off around noon.

Beautiful discounts and new accessory collection brought me back to life, or was it several coffees I had in a row. In the evening I changed in the brand-new clothes and headed to the airport to get a ticket, they didn't have any. Fortunatelly, an acquaintance of a friend of a friend had a extra train ticket, which I gratefully accepted and hurried to the railwaystation. The minute I got in the train it left.

I stretched out on my train cot looking forward to an eight-hour sleep on the way home, but there were really noisy tourists, who felt like telling me about their trip around Russia. So I listened untill they fell asleep and so did I.

The train arrived at 6Am, so I had a couple of hours to get home, take a shower, grab my suitcase and run to the office. What a week-end!

Monday was an extremely long day, I had a hangover and a lot of paperwork. Today's much shorter, though I still have a headache

P.S. about a celebrity party animal

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