Tuesday, July 29

PO vs Rain

Standing in a queue is a huge let-you-downer, but queuing in a stuffy post office that exhales cheap air freshener aroma makes it even worse. The thing that always amazes me about post offices is the lack of fresh air.

While the modern technologies allow to keep air fresh and purified, the smell of wax, dust and ink never leaves the post office. That may be the reason for the PO employees to be so slow, dull and irritated. Besides It's a torture to stand at the counter for ages, I almost suffocated to death several times. And I know I'd hate the idea of collapsing on a dirty grayish floor of the PО.

Today I've managed to survive a half-an-hour queue in an immensely stuffy and smelly PO and escaped it just to find myself in a really heavy shower. Apparently there was no umbrella in the handbag and I had soaked to the skin by the time I reached the office. However I was really happy to break free from the stuffy room.

Life's good even though there is no dryer at the office!

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