Wednesday, July 30

*dancing goats*

It is amazing that the humankind has to thank Ethiopian goats for discovering coffee berries that are now provide the business world with the best beverage ever. But for the goats businesspeople would never be able to concentrate, feel better after a hard day night and work mornings.

A colleague of mine is so grateful to the animals that runs a small coffee fan club called "Frisky Goat". It is a crazy place where a lot of sorts of coffee are kept and regulars bring all possible recipes. Every day pale-faced regulars with black circles under thier eyes slowly fill the kitchen around 9 AM, their shaking hands pour water in the pots and coffemachines, fill the coffee-grinders with beans inhaling the mesmeric aroma and press the magic buttons.

Soon the room fills with breathtaking aroma so the regulars' eyes open wider, they reach out thier cups, pour coffee and little by little hands stop shaking, conversation buzz starts, smiles appear on lips, little rouge gets to cheeks and at about 9.30 AM happier rubicund people flow out of the kitchen. Workday begins.

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