Wednesday, October 22


Working my way through conversations with partners, clients and money transfering I learnt how to use the beautiful phone we have in the office, finally. It may be hard to believe, but I didn't know that it's possible to transfer calls not only to local three-numbered phones, but also to foreign numbers and even mobile phones. WOW!

I also learnt how to talk to three people simultaneouly so that they can't eavesdrop on the other two conversations. In short, today is the Discoveries Day!

I also hope to escape the office an hour earlier and have my hair done finally. It's such a mess now.


Jennybean said...

Congrats on the phone thing... it's a hard task to master...

and good luck with the hair!

Miss Caught Up said...

I try to avoid my work phone at all costs! I only know how to answer it and dial out. I barely remember how to check my voice mail! I'm just so glad I won't have to deal with figuring out my work phone now hehehe :)

Although, the whole... talking to three people w/o each of them knowing is pretty savvy!

Kitty Cat said...

Enjoy getting your hair done!