Monday, October 27

weekend post

One more movie weekend is over.
I watched "Beauty and the Beast" - one of the greatest cartoons America has ever produced.

"Hairspray", a colourful light-hearted musical about the swinging 60ies. I just love John Travolta's wonderful dancing.

And "Wedding Crashers". The movie disappointed me so much that even Christopher Walker didn't save the day.

I also had my very first professional photography session at a studio. That was an amazing experience and I did feel like a movie star. As soon as the pictures're ready I'll post a couple of them here.


Vodka Mom said...

Beauty and the Beast was my fav. when watched them with my kids!!

Kitty Cat said...

What were the pics for?
I enjoyed Wedding Crashers, it was silly humor, but funny.

Miss Caught Up said...

Oh!! YES! I can't wait to see your movie star pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

can't wait for the pics!