Monday, October 20

smth is really wrong

It was a cold rainy morning. I went to the bank as usual and then to the office. At the office the bosses were sitting around the table waiting for me. I sensed a trouble.

The next 90 minutes the bosses were telling me how they want me to work, persuading not to be aggressive to new stuff members and be nice. A new building-site manager pointed out that I was too curious about him and that next time he got upset about me I'd lose the job.


Later I found out that I had to listen to all that crap about myself, because the new accountant lady had shared her thoughts about me with the bosses. That is frustrating, as she is just a new kid on the block and already spreads dirty gossips.

I have to admit that it really startles me. It's not that I'm afraid of losing a job (I don't like it anyway), it's about my relationship with the colleagues that may get ruined at once. Guess, from now on I shan't say a single word to the new accountant exept for "hello" and " I need this or that register".



Kitty Cat said...

So sad when you have to watch what you say, you feel like you can't just relax and be yourself.

Sass said...

Avoid her, but then you could be accused of being unfriendly and cold.

Yuck. I hate trouble makers.

Anonymous said...

Well some people just like to stir s*^t. Thats what they do!

Miss Caught Up said...

Yeah, I'd try to avoid her if you can.. Sometimes it's hard because you need something from her, but man... I would stay clear away from her.

Sunny said...

well, it's going to be hard, as her table is right in front of mine.