Friday, October 31

Happy Hallowe'en!

Hey-how for Hallowe'en

A' the witches tae be seen,

Some are black, an' some green,

Hey-how for Hallwe'en.

Eat, drink and be scary!


Kitty Cat said...

Halloween is not so big in South Africa, but there are one or two parties happening. Happy Halloween!!!!

Kasia said...

Hey, it's Scottish! Hallowe'en is big in here and I'm wondering if I manage to buy a pumpkin on my way home. I have some sweets ready at home cause I'd bet children will knock on my door as they did last year :)

Vodka Mom said...

We will be trick-or-treating, but the mom's will have their sippy cups!!!

Miss Caught Up said...

Happy Halloween indeedy :)