Tuesday, October 21

on my own

What a day! The bosses have gone, the accountant isn't here either. So I'm just enjoying lovely music and keep on transfering money, more money.

Yesterday, I went to the movies to see "The Righteous Kill", an exciting up-tempo detective story about crimes and punishment that are sometimes hard to justify. At the end of the movie I was still unsure if the main character had done an evil or a right thing murdering those villains.

On the one hand my inner morality says that killing others is a sin; on the other hand certain others must be destroyed to keep the world safe. So, I guess, a kill may be righteous, after-all.


Kitty Cat said...

How lovely to have the office all to yourself. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect day!

Sure there are righteous killings!
defense being the main reason but many more also.

Far said...

Must be nice... Enjoy it

Sunny said...

Kitty, thanks

Far, must be..

Southern sage, actually if one murders someone he’ll have to gather substantial evidence to prove that it’s been self-defense. Othervise he'll be doomed to stay in prison forever