Tuesday, May 26

a thank you and an award

First of all I would like to thank Kasia at Clockwork Orange and Dan at Wood and Pixels Narratives for the lovely messages, which they sent while I was away. You made my day, dear blogger-mates.

One more Thank you goes to Jane at Gaston Studio . She has surprised me with a lovely Great Blog Award, created by Jason, a 14 year old in Louisiana. The award has to be passed to five more bloggers of my choice.

The bloggs that are great in general are the following:

Laverstone Tales, a great collection of lovely stories.

Writer's Musings, a great collection of notes of Afganistan and its people.

Lake View Photography blog, a collage of wonderful portraits showing love as it is.

Wood and Pixels Narratives, a great collection of fairy-tale photographs and beautiful thoughts.

Today's Chicago Blues, everything you would like to know about Blues life of Chicago and more.


Dan Felstead said...

Sunny...thank you for the award and welcome back!


Gaston Studio said...

Yes, welcome back. Isn't that adorable what Jason came up with?