Saturday, April 10

Dusty Spring

Spring has been forging ahead steadily and has finally won out.

It was so warm and sunny recently that three meter high snowdrifts were gone within a couple weeks. There were huge floods of thawing snow, and for the first time in my life I didn’t feel embarrassed wearing my red rubber Wellingtons, the number one footwear for fashionistas this spring.

The whole city is now longing for a torrential downpour. The dust and dirt of winter must be washed away as soon as possible; otherwise lots of people will die of severe allergies to all the crap, which has been congregated under the snow all winter long. Moreover, there is too much pets’ faeces in the streets as cleaning up is not part of local pet owners’ culture.

But for the dirt and the smell, the life would be very close to perfect. School year’s coming to its end, summer holidays are on the way, and so is my three-month vacation!

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yogurt said...

1. Has it rained yet?

2. Happy summer!! (Now that it's official)