Wednesday, January 28

dog matter

Since the death of our beloved husky named Candy my parents had been reluctant to buy a new dog for almost half a year. They finally recovered three or four month ago and googled for a dog of some other breed. They wanted a fun-loving, kids-friendly dog that would not stink and shed hair. The search took a while.

Then one day I received this photo and a short message from mother: "That's our future dog's dad. Do you like it?"

Of course, I do. It is cute, fluffy and will make my parents happy. Besides, according to Wikipedia Great Japanese Dogs are clean and odorless. They are very devoted and gentle with its owners and usually do not show affection on an outsider.

Dog-breeders say that a typical pet Akita (another name of great japanese dog) will follow you from room to room, yet has the uncanny ability not to be underfoot. Your Akita lives his life as if his only purpose is to protect you and spend time with you.

Having received my official approval the parents are now looking for our future dog's mom. So all we have to do is to find a mom, to make the future dad and the future mom date, wait for several months and the dog is ours. Piece of cake!

Now, tell me Dear Bloggers, do you like the DAD?


Bella@That damn expat said...

It's adorable! And I love the description of their personalities.

Kitty Cat said...

Wow, he's magnificent. I've never heard of that breed, but they sound wonderful. Although with all that fur, are you sure it won't shed? And where to find a mom dog?

Janie said...

Akitas are beautiful, faithful dogs.

Milltini said...

Awe, its precious! Glad they are going to have a new furry friend ;-)

cw2smom said...

Hmmmm. I may have to keep this breed in mind if I ever get another dog! Thanks for the info! I am excited for your parents and hope their quest for the perfect baby...errr, puppy mama comes to fruition! LOL! Lisa

Rachete said...

I like your blog!

Reinvent Dad said...

My parents had friends that swore by Akitas saying that they are one of the most loyal breeds in existence. I'm curious to see how your search goes as we're also debating getting a family dog.

Anonymous said...

Adorable! I love akitas!

Sunny said...

Bella@That damn expat, indeed.

Kitty Cat, I'm not sure of anything, but my parents are. A mom dog has to be at a dog farm.

Janie, do you know one?

Milltini, yes, they're very happy.

cw2smom, hope she'll be found fast.

Rachete, yours's cute too.

Reinvent Dad, the search goes :) Though if it were up to me i'd go to a dog farm and pick up the cutes puppy there.

Pienovski, yep.