Monday, January 19

Invitation to The Fourth Annual Brigid in the Blogosphere Poetry Slam

Feel free to copy the following to your blog and spread the word. Let poetry bless the blogosphere once again!
WHAT: A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

WHEN: Anytime February 2, 2009

WHERE: Your blog

WHY: To celebrate the Feast of Brigid, aka Groundhog Day

HOW: Select a poem you like - by a favorite poet or one of your own - to post February 2nd.

RSVP: If you plan to publish, feel free to leave a comment and link on this post. Last year when the call went out there was more poetry in cyberspace than I could keep track of. So, link to whoever you hear about this from and a mighty web of poetry will be spun.

Feel free to pass this invitation on to any and all bloggers.

Thank you, Reya, for beginning what is now an annual event. And
thanks to Moonroot for spreading the word. I'm in.


Kasia said...

That is a very good idea! I'm in - if I can only remember that is :)

Bella@That damn expat said...

Do dirty limericks count?

hitch writer said...
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Vodka Mom said...

That is a cool idea! Ode to the Groundhog.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

The blogosphere just keeps getting cooler. I'm in.

Sunny said...

Can't wait to read your poems, girls.

That damn expat, of course. It's poetry afterall