Friday, March 6

16 again

Spring is everywhere and my head is full of flapdoodle romance. The guy from "Liverpool" and I met a couple of more times. We walked, talked and laughed a lot.

The guy snows me in with compliments and I just can't keep concentration on anything at all. At his age (47) he sends lovely text messages such as "Pleasure of learning to know you is beyond my oral description. Thank you for your lovely company. I am looking forward to seeong you at your earliest possible convenience" or "Dear Sunny, spring is coming, Mother Nature wakes up from Her deep winter sleep again starting to blow life and joy to the flowers. Even the flowers are so beautiful they never can be in that full bloom being able to challenge your beauty and charm. I want to congratulate you for your day today". I have never received that long messages on the phone in my life.

I feel 16 again. Crazy!

Happy Weekend to all of you out there!


Mich said...


that is so romantic! (sigh)......

Gaston Studio said...

Yeah, kinda romantic, but would be more so if he could spell! Maybe he's impatient?

Cowguy said...

I heard tweety little bluebirds.


hitch writer said...


cho chweet of him !!

is something cooking ??

Anonymous said...

Legendary song, love the clip!

Very appropriate :-)

Kitty Cat said...

Oh, how romantic. Enjoy it! It's not often one has compliments and romance!

Sunny said...

Mich, it is. Crazy!
Gaston Studio, maybe he ctrl+copied the text from somewhere and sent it to me :)
Cowguy, I doubt that. Time will show.
hitch writer, don't know.
Polergirl, I love Mr Armstrong's performance.
Kitty Cat, that's so true.