Monday, March 2

a weekend post

Saturday night was not the lonliest one of the week. I persuaded one of my former college friends to go out.

We went to one of the best bars in the neighbourhood called "Liverpool", had a few mojitos, lots of chatting and even met a couple of nice guys. The guys were rather drunk and burst into songs from time to time. I liked one of the songs so much that decided to find out its title to download an original version later. My friend just shook her head, she knew it was not only the song that I liked.

The following day one of those guys and me had a lovely walk down the river recollecting countless jokes and anecdotes, talking about the differences between cultures of our countries. Speaking of the differences. The guy told me the following story:

An American and a Russian farmer had a few shots at a bar and started to boast.
The American farmer said: "My farm is so big that it takes a day to drive around it by car".
The Russian farmer responded: "Yeah, our cars are as bad as yours".

I just loved this example of cross-culture communication.


Dan Felstead said...


Sounds like you had a good weekend! I love the joke...have to remember that one!


phd in yogurtry said...

Would love to be able to say I've had a drink in Liverpool : )

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun! Are you going to see him again???

Glad to hear you've had a good weekend. Hope you have many more.

Beth said...

Sounds like there could have been a spark. Was there?

And I do love the differences in various cultures, too.

Sunny said...

Dan, it was indeed. Nothing to complain about :)

phd in yogurtry? so would I. Hope one day we ill have a drink in Liverpool, UK

Polergirl, I hope so.

Beth, lol... time will show.
So do I, because I'm surrounded by people from various countries all the time and it is so much fun to learn about their customs!

hitch writer said...


thats really funny !!! lol