Monday, March 16

weekend post

The forecast promised sunny weekends, so I invited the guy to have a walk in one of my favourite suburbs. He had never been there before, so we had a tour around the park and the palace wondering how inconvenient living there would be.

The guy pictured how complicated it would be to run around the house palace if the bedrooms were in the left wing of the building, the kitchen were in the right one and the living-room -somewhere in the middle. He would watch football and ask me nicely to get him a beer from a fridge. I tried to explain that the match would have been over by the time I fetched a beer from the kitchen. To that he promised to buy a bicycle so that I could go around the place faster.
What a nice guy, you'd think.

Anyway, we walked down the park paths, skated on the frozen lake and had a lovely dinner later in the evening. All weekend long the song "Strangers In The Night" was playing in my head...

It was just one of those days to remember.


cw2smom said...

Sounds like a great day/night!! May you have many more! Lisa

Gaston Studio said...


Beth said...

Love the idea of living in a palace with a bike to flit around in. Oh, and with a nice guy.

Cowguy said...

it's beginning to sound pretty schmoozy there Sunny.


Dan Felstead said...

Sounds like the relationship is progressing well....I hope it holds! Good luck.


J. L. Krueger said...

Live in the moment and enjoy. I'm glad to hear you had a great evening.

But roller blades might actually be more maneuverable. And you could carry back two for you and one for him. :)

BTW - still trying to remember the naughty pithy comment. Don't be surprised if it appears out of the blue!