Wednesday, November 19

a guessing game

There're certain things that put me at a loss daily. One of them is the bosses' messages, which are so grammatically incorrect that it's difficult to understand what they mean.
For example, a recent post-it I found on my table said: "Receive Mr. Green by kunch --->". Now, how am I supposed to *receive* Mr. Green? And what's *kunch--->*? I was staring at the post-it for several minutes, confused and angry. It took a while to figure out that the bosses had asked me to send the letter marked "--->" aka near the post-it note to Mr. Green before lunch.

The other one is spelling. The bosses make so many mistakes in names and places that I keep on calling wrong contractors and talk to them about something they have no idea about.

The third annoying thing is that they give contradictory instructions. Consequently, I end up carrying out unnecessary tasks. That's frustrating.

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Kitty Cat said...

Ooh, I feel your frustration! I worked for a lady like that once, who would leave these cryptic notes for us on what to do, but we couldn't decifer what she meant or her handwriting!