Wednesday, November 5

a weekend post

Thanks to a national holiday we had four days-off instead of two. If only there always were four-day weekends. So I got a chance to sleep a lot, meet friends and watch the movie Sex In The City finally. It reminded me that it's time to get some new clothes, which will keep me both warm and happy.

I also got a chance to read the book "Pharaoh" by Boleslaw Prus to the very end. It's an amazing book about the daily routine of Ancient Egypt and its mysteries. I was surprised to find a lot of similarities between the modern and the ancient worlds.

The novel is set in the Egypt of 1087–1085 BCE as that country experiences internal stresses and external threats that will culminate in the fall of its Twentieth Dynasty and New Kingdom. As events unfold, the protagonist Ramses learns that those who would challenge the powers that be are vulnerable to cooption, seduction, subornation, defamation, intimidation and assassination. Perhaps the chief lesson, belatedly absorbed by Ramses as pharaoh, is the importance of power of knowledge.

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