Thursday, November 20

it's winter in the city

Yesterday was lovely, as winter arrived. It had been snowing since early morning and by the time the work was over the whole city had turned white, and the snowflakes were sparkling in lanterns light.

The moment I left the office building a snowball hit me. I had no idea who the snowball had come from, so I quickly made one and threw at the colleague, who was laughing most. Whithin seconds the parking lot got filled with laughter, flying snowballs and working fellows running around. I was surprised to see all these gloomy and serious guys in such high spirits.

I'm so gald that winter is back in town. Time to polish ski and sharpen ice- skates.


Vodka Mom said...

I can just picture that scene! I remember the days when I was HAPPY when a snowball hit me. now I just get pissed. (Thanks for the reminder...)

Kitty Cat said...

I've only seen snow once, but it's beautiful when it's actually falling...