Thursday, November 13


Since there is not much inspiration at work, I keep on looking for it elsewhere, mainly books. The beauty of literature is that it provides a great variety of inspiring life stories, poems and anecdotes. I like adventurous stories most, because they give a chance to travel to all those places I may be or may not be to one day.

One of my favourites is Louis Henri Boussenard's, as his stories are both funny and educating. I even had a crash on one of his characters Monsieur Andre. He was a wonderful hunter, traveller and adventurer, who never talked much, but accomplished a lot. Besides, he spoke French, the language of love. Monsieur Andre and his friend took me on a marvellous voyage through Africa, India and even America. It was unforgettable. I also travelled with Ernest Hemingway's novels, and grew to love a lot of countries thanks to them.

Later, I realised that travelling in both real and fiction worlds I have almost forgotten how beautiful my own country was. That is why I am now back to Russian literature and rediscovering the subtlety and refinement in it. The experience is amazing!

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