Friday, November 21

an incident

I'm offered a chair nicely, the same chair I'm offered every time I come. I'm taking a seat, chatting gaily, admiring my friend's new look... Suddenly a crackle comes out of the blue.

The next thing I know: I'm lying supine heals over head, scared and confused. Silence.

My friend's scared, too. Seconds are passing slowly. Finally, we both burst into wild laughter. I'm rising to my feet shuddering with laughter and looking around at tens of wooden pieces around the room, no chair.

We're still laughing. We're still out of breath.

What a fine way to begin a weekend!

Have a beautiful weekend and stay away from crackling furniture!


Anonymous said...


well I hope your weekend gets better!

Vodka Mom said...

omg!!! I'm glad no one got hurt, and you got to laugh about it!! jesus....