Tuesday, December 9

Chasseurs De Typhons

I set my eye on “Chasseurs De Typhons” as the title promised a breathtaking story of brave pilots cutting through wild air currents, penetrating in the heart of it and fighting against typhoons. However the first several chapters were mostly about the causes of typhoons, its nature and disastrous consequences and reminded more of a lecture than of a fiction. The lecture spiced with funny tales and variety of adjectives is fun to read. SO little by little I’ve developed an interest in this drastically destructive, monstrous and brutal natural phenomenon.

(These adjectives sound much more frightening in French, but that’s an English blog, so I'm doing my best to translate)

The author, Pierre - Andre Molene, venerates typhoons so much that even his reader shivers with thrill of a coming disaster. He describes the destruction in an off-hand manner. He writes about a ship thrown on a hospital filled with its sailors, as if it were something usual. At the same time he is thrilled with variety of typhoons, their crushing head and primeval power. Pierre - Andre Molene is also amazed by the science that has created the precision instruments to investigate typhoons, therefore he describes excitedly the battle between the power of nature and the power of science.

The further I read the more I enjoy the book and feel the world spinning around as a whirlpool as if I were in the eye of the storm.

the pic was taken in the eye of typhoon Vera


Vodka Mom said...

Now I know what I am missing while reading all my trashy books.

Sunny said...

Vodka Mom, really? What about the book "Up the Down Staircase" - One of the greatest books on teaching :)

Janie said...

Okay, now I'm going to have to get the book you reviewed, and the one you've recommended to Vodka Mom!


I LOVE to read.

Sunny said...
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Sunny said...

Janie, hope you'll like ""Chasseurs De Typhons" even though it reminds more of a diary or a documentary book.

As for "Up the Down Staircase" by Bel Kaufman, it's a story of an amusing year of teaching written by a teacher ;)It rocks!

peachofatl said...

I often feel like I'm in the eye of the storm, but I'm a survivor. Sounds like a great metaphor for life.