Saturday, December 13

Smell in the kitchen

The old-fashioned holiday spirit has got to me finally and I felt an urge to do something for my family. I invited them for a dinner.

“Oh, - you’d say - big deal”. Well, it is, as I haven’t invited anyone at my place for several years and I’m a lame cook. So the deal was BIG for me. Anyway.

By the afternoon I grew slightly nervous and had a creepy thought to cancel the dinner. Luckily, I was brave enough not to do it. I left the office, did some last-minute shopping and headed home.

The next our was a rush. My grandparents arrived earlier to watch their must-see TV-show before the dinner. That could have been fine, but for granny who entered the kitchen every commercial break to ask how it was going. It was actually going not bad.

I did ruin one frying pan, as didn’t notice that the ring under it was hot. When I poured water in it, the frying-pan burst into hissing, bowling and crackling. The kitchen filled with smog and I heard a voice somewhere in the doorway: “Do I detect a fire in the kitchen?” It’s nothing, - I lied trying to get rid of a smelly, crackling frying pan. I pushed the voice owner from the doorway, closed the door and opened the window. In several minutes the mushrooms and potatoes were braising peacefully in another frying pan and I was making salad to “Surviver” song.

Soon the family were sitting at the table chatting gaily and eating the meals that I had cooked (rather well). Could be better of course, but I’m still proud of myself.


Anonymous said...

Well done - sounds like a lovely meal in the end. Would you do it again?

I haven't had family round for a meal in years either. Not since I set fire to the kitchen in 1997. Omg 11 years! Time I got over it...

Vodka Mom said...

Yeah!!! Good job. (I have ruined MANY pots and's a talent I have.)

Sunny said...

Polergirl, 11 years? That's incredible! :) Well, I may do it again in some more years, becuse cooking for so many people is a tough job.

Vodka Mom, I have the same talent, I guess.

Looking at the brighter side, now Santa knows what to present me :))

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Sounds all turned out fine in the end. A lovely time.

The other day my husband set fire so bad the burner caught on fire with a four inch flame.

Thanks for stopping over at my place. Nice to meet you.

phd in yogurtry said...

Way to go! I know your family found this an awesome pre-holiday holiday! And I just love cooking for people I care about. It runs in my family.

Sunny said...

Pseudonymous High School Teacher, yes, everybody seemed to like the dinner. At least, that's what they said :) Glad the accident, which your husband had, din't hurt him.

Nice to meet you, too.

phd in yogurtry, good of you! maybe one day I'll love cooking too :)

Janie said...



When are you coming to my house to cook for us?

Sunny said...

Janie, as soon as I get a visa :)