Monday, December 22

week-end post

Saturday was great, as a friend called on and brought an amazing Christmas film "It's a Wonderful Life". The story of finding enough bravery to keep on going when times get rough. James Stewart and Henry Travers were wonderful and the film aroused a lot of contradictory emotions. I was laughing and crying and wanted to hug the whole world. A perfect film, indeed.

Sunday was cool as we headed to a punk rock holiday party and listened to some famous songs in a funky music arrangement. The music was weird and merry. I enjoyed it and Jack Daniels on rocks a lot.
The rest of the evening was spent on explaining to my Granny how to use Photoshop. This one was tough, but Granny is a bright pupil, she can now use brushes, text options and resize pictures!


That damn expat said...

A punk rock Christmas party? Man I wish I was there!

Janie said...

That sounds amazing, a punk rock party!

That damn expat stole my line!

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

My mom can't even turn a comuter on.

Kitty Cat said...

The film sounds amazing! Go granny! My old aunt is a computer whizz too!