Friday, December 5

The Smile Stone Award

The most weird thing about blogging is that I have time either to post or to read blogger-mates' posts. And I have to admit that reading appeals to me more, as your posts and comments bring joy and sunlight spots into my life. Thank you for all the witty and funny posts!

Maria, a beautiful blogger and a fantastic mother, has passed me "The Smile Stone Award". It is an award for bloggers,who show kindness and spreading happiness around, and Maria has shared ten things that make her smile.

These are mine:

1) my family puts a smile on my lips;
2) my friends are always there to have a good laugh;
3) my cat, because she's the craziest fluffy animal on the planet;
4) my students are the most fun-loving teenagers ever. I adore laughing with them;
5) the a-team, a great tv-show of the 80ies, is the best treatment from melancholy;
6) listening to music, as "music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life";
7) foretaste of reading a new book makes me smile;
8) the holidays are coming, carrying lots of fun and presents;
9) chocolate;
10) my amazing blogger-mates.

"The Smile Stone Award"
goes to...

Diary Of a Polegirl, the most ispiring blog.
Vodka Mom, the most cheerful teacher I've ever met.
Southern Sage, love your hillbilly's stories.
Mrs Mojito, a very lively lady.
Iveta, a photographer, whose pictures are full of love.
Citizen of the Month, a sarcastic blogger, but I just love his posts.


Vodka Mom said...

you are a DOLL!! Thank you so much!!!

Janie said...

Love it love it love it!

phd in yogurtry said...

chocolates, good music, family, friends .. all good. Love the title of your blog. I'm one of those who sometimes has to push myself onto the sunny side because I'm prone to shady spots, too.

Maria said...

Dear Sunny, Congratulations! You are so lovely girl. Don't worry there's a lot more to go. More award and blessings. Muah!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sunny, you've brightened my day! (Jumps around the room with joy!)

Iveta said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thank you so much for thinking of me and my love for photographs. I am so honnored to be chosen! I LOVE IT! Thank you very very much!