Monday, December 8

give me an old fashioned Christmas

It's snowy again on this side of the world! Holiday lights are shining in grey streets and on dark buildings and turning a gloomy city into an enchanted castle in the middle of the woods.

The citizens shivering with cold, are rushing down illuminated streets paying more attention to decorated shopwindows than to beautiful snow lying around and sparkling trees.

I'm one of those lucky people, who have already purchased presents and chosen an outfit for a party. Besides my dear artificial fir-tree is already decorated and is twinkling with hundred of colourful lights. This little fir-tree was created more than 60 years ago and has always decorated apartments we lived in.

Everytime I install it and unwrap wonderful decorations I remember my great grandmother's words on one of the New Year's Eve in my distant childhood. She was hanging a small blue glassball with golden snowflackes painted on it and suddenly said: "You know, dear, I may not be with you the next New Year, but the fir-tree and these glassballs will keep warm-hearted memories of today forever".

How right she was! I was unwrapping the toys yesterday, when my eyes misted over with tears and I saw a reflextion of great grandmother's smile in that very blue glassball. She was with me at that moment. She will always be.

"Thanks for the memories, grandma" I said, hanging the blue glassball on the firtree.


Vodka Mom said...

That was wonderful! I always look forward to decorating our tree- each ornament reminds me of someone, and it warms my heart.

Kitty Cat said...

Nice new look! Love it.


Great memories are here & should always be cherished indeed... Lovely new week to you!

Anonymous said...

Its funny how some things when heard/seen seem insignificant then return clearly years later.

J. L. Krueger said...

After initially being disoriented upon arrival, (thought I took a wrong turn on the Internet) I concluded that I like the new look. :)

Reminds me of Achilles' line in the movie "Troy" where he says that the gods envy humans because we are mortal and every moment is precious because it may be our last.

Sunny said...

Vodka Mom,it warms my hear and bringr tears as most of those people gone forever.

Kitty Cal & Lenorenevermore, thank you ;)

Southern Sage, memory plays funny trick on people, doesn't it.

J. L. Krueger, Achilles was right. Unfortunately, people don't always value what they have.

Being Brazen said...

your blog looks great.

very sweet story. :)

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely post.