Thursday, December 18


Don't you love the spirit of Christmas? I do, even though I'm not supposed to celebrate it.

Jesus' birth is celebrated in January here and it is a completely religious holiday. While all the fun, presents, binges and family dinners are held on New Year's Eve and are celebrated at night from Decembre 31 to January 1.

It was always a very complicated matter for me, as most of my friends and two ex-boyfriends are form the USA and France, so I know perfectly well what an old-fashioned Christmas is about, as I spent several years celebrating it. Returning here I celebrated New Year and followed Orthodox traditions.

They say "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" , and that is the best advice I've ever got. I'm very grateful that life has taken me to countries with different traditions, that I have met people of many religions and that there are still so much to see.

Adventures are ahead...


Kasia said...

I guess you could actually celebrate (well, sort of) twice! Once following the western tradition in a commercial way, and then religiously following the Orthodox Calendar! Lucky you! Well I'm trying to get the best of both worlds too by combining Polish and British traditions :) So Christmas Eve dinner (like in Poland), but Christmas crackers and mince pies on Christmas Day (UK).

Superficialgirl said...

I agree, its great to see different cultures and how they celebrate. I am in Malta now and they even have CHristmas songs playing from Speakers outside in the streets in the shopping areas!

Sunny said...

Kasia, Christmas (December 25) is religious, too

Sunny said...

Superficialgirl, Malta is a beautiful place.

J. L. Krueger said...

The Afghans are even selling Christmas trees here in Kabul!

I've even seen some "Merry Christmas" banners hanging from balconies.

What a world!