Friday, February 20

at the post office

There was that guy at the operator’s window asking for an envelope. The operator asked what size of the envelope the client wanted. The guy was surprised to know that the envelopes can be of different sizes.“The smallest one”, he said. “I’m going to send my sister this SIM. She has forgotten it”.
Now it was the operator to be surprised: “You cannot send a SIM in an envelope, you must send it in as a registered postal packet”.
“No, I don’t. SIMs are not on the banned list”, the guy insisted.
“You see, you may send only paper items in an envelope”.
“Oh, come on. I’m sure it’s going to be fine. No one is going to check the contents, and my sister desperately needs this SIM”…

Their conversation lasted a few more minutes, the queue behind grew irritated. I was standing in it, amused. If I ever forgot a SIM in another city I would just go to the nearest service center of my mobile provider, block the lost SIM and get a new one with the same phone number and data. It is as simple as that!
So, why waste his own time, mine and all the others’ in the queue at the post office?

Eventually, the operator persuaded the guy to buy a greeting card, hide the SIM inside it and then put in the envelope.

"Next one!"


Leatherdykeuk said...

Sorry - laughing insanely!

Beth said...

This guy could have been looking for a job. At the post office.