Monday, February 16

weekend post

Valentine’s was very nice. I woke up late to greet a snowy sunny day.

It started with a phone call from the man of my dreams (What a surprise!) who congratulated me swiftly and then talked for 25 minutes about his recent activities. I tried to response for the first few minutes, but he was so eager to speak that ignored any comments. He didn’t even suggest sex on the phone! That’s why I just put him on the loud speaker and took up polishing nails mumbling on the cell: “hm.. wow… I see” .

In 25 minutes he said that it was nice to have a chat and hung off. Well, at least my nails had been perfectly pink by that time. Besides my beloved siblings presented two huge dark chocolates accompanied with a CD of 24 beautiful love songs performed by a famous Philharmonic Orchestra. So I totally forgot about the guy.

Later the family got together and we had a delicious dinner followed by wild dancing. I have to admit, that a lot of Tom Jones’ music and red wine works much better that sex on the phone.

The conclusion of the day was that I have to find another man of my dreams in the neighbourhood, because long distance doesn’t intensify love at all. It destroys it and turns into indifference.

P.S. Here's some sweet love story about long distance. It may have a happier end than my and the man of my dream's one.


Bella@That damn expat said...

Yeah, the man of your dreams doesn't sound so dreamy.
Sorry about that.

Leatherdykeuk said...

How sad, to have your dream crushed before breakfast. He doesn't deserve you!

hitch writer said...

pleasant read !

Beth said...

You have such a great attitude! And with that kind of outlook on life, there will be a man who deserves you out there (just when you least expect it).

And as for the long distance marriage... yikes! That sounds hard!

Dan Felstead said...


Here is hoping that by next Valentine's Day...a new man of your dreams will actually listen to you instead of spouting off for his own satisfaction. Sorry, but I don't like insensitive people!
If you saw my Valentines post on the blog....I truly thing with the right timing...things will work out for you.


Sunny said...

Bella, I knew that.

Leatherdykeuk, you are so right. I'd rather have them crushed after it ;)

hitch writer, thanks

Beth, I don't expect anything. Guess, that's the problem :)

Dan,thank you. I read you VDay post, it made my day!