Thursday, February 26

a better day

Yesterday's evening of moving the furniture around my “garret” (as Sacha van Straten has called it) to clear away more space for a plumber to change the pipes in the room cheered me up. I never realized that I’m strong enough to move sofas and a piano.

The night was wasted on watching House MD season 4 and the most recent NCIS episode that immediately raised my spirits.

This morning I had a lovely stroll down the river to the gulf watching ships in graving-docks, where the most talented shipwrights were getting them ready for deep waters later in March. The sun was shining brightly. Snow was crunching under the feet. The ice on the river was cracking and the whole world seemed to be smiling.

Spring is definitely in the air!


Beth said...

I hope the warmer temperatures continue to raise your spirits. Beautiful picture!

And as my grandmother used to say, "You are stronger than you know."

Vodka Mom said...

That photo was amazing.

Tightwad is obsessed with NCIS. Watches it ALL the time.

Sunny said...

Beth, the pic is not mine and is wonderful indeed.

Vodka Mom, cool! We should talk a little about it. I'm totally obsessed with Jethro Gibbs :)

Janie at Sounding Forth said...

Yummy photo. Just claim it, girl.

Or, really. Better not.

Glad you're doing well.

Raj said...

Wow great photo.
yes, spring is definately just round the corner!

Cowguy said...

I see the pics not yours, but still a very cool picture.

J. L. Krueger said...

Glad you are having a better day. Lovely day today in Kabul too. Light breeze that blew away the smoke, clear blue skies and warming temps.

Unfortunately for us it means the bad guys will be coming out of their caves soon. But it was still a good day.

Teri said...

That's an awesome picture....I was wondering if you took that too. lol

Anonymous said...

Stunning picture!

Sunny said...

Janie, well I'll think it over :)

Raj, it is :)

Cowguy, yep I'm a lame photogragher

J. L. Krueger, hope the bad guys will get lost and stay forever in their hideouts

Teri, you're flattering me

Polergirl, indeed

Muppet Soul said...

That's funny - I did the exact same thing yesterday. Went down to a pier in Malibu, took pictures and posted them ( put me in a great mood, too).

Am I the only person who has never seen House? Should I be watching this?

hitch writer said...

that is a stunning picture !! such are creations of nature !

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

Love the photo. Gorgeous. My daughter loves House. My dirty little secret - I am hooked on netflixing Dexter.