Thursday, February 5

family issue

The piggy's adventures at mom's place are in full swing.

Mom's poodle has recently developed a crush on it and even attempted to kidnap my lovely toy. I rescued it twice from his teeth and once retrieved it from the poodle's secret hide-out in the living room. Piggy was so dirty that I had to wash it and then blow-dry.

My step-father got intrigued by the piggy blowdrying and sneaked into his study aka my room. He gasped at the sight of it: his beloved bookcase was now filled with colourful tubes, bottles and tiny cases, the aroma of Kiwi (eau de toilet) used as airspray flying around, some nailpolish was half-opened on his computer table and... there was me drying the piggy with his hairdryer. It was too much to bare.

He muttered "sheer lady" under his breath and left.


Superficialgirl said...

lol, its crazy how all those girly things we have can take over so quickly! :P

Bella@That damn expat said...

haha I can imagine what a sight you were, blowdrying the piggy.

Anonymous said...

I have two poodles!
Well the bride and kids do!
a mini and a toy!

Kasia said...

This is hilarious :) I can imagine your stepfather's face :)

So six random things about me are up!

Teri said...

LOL that's great.
I love that universal difference and tolerance between men and women. It's always funny.

Sunny said...

Superficialgirl, yep. All we have to do is open a purse ;)

Bella@, you do? I wish the step-father hadf had a camera

Southern Sage, poodles're cute. Are you and the dogs good friends?

Kasia, cool!

Teri, indeed