Friday, February 13

family issues

The repair of my apartment is in full swing. I called on to see how much of the apartment had already been torn down. To my surprise little was done. The old tiles were removed, the floor and the walls were leveled off, the doorways were widened and new door studs were installed; they even started to glue new tiles. However the pipes have not been replaced, the batteries have not been unpacked and the bathtub is still in the hall, which means I’m to live at mum’s for a couple of weeks more. That’s not cool!

You see, since I started to live at mum’s, she’s been treating me as her little girl. She worries if I’m not at home by midnight, she asks if I eat well at work and why I don’t dine at home. A couple of days ago I slipped on an icy road and limped home half-covered with snow, so mum wanted to make sure that nothing had been broken. She even fills me a lunchbox as she used to when I went to a primary school. It’s crazy!

I have been living on my own for almost eight years now. I have learned to take care of myself and developed certain habits, most of them are outdoor activities. So it’s okay for me not to be at home early, not to eat regularly or fall off the bridge on a regular basis. Mum has been comfortable with it for the last eight years, and I’m wondering why she just can’t behave the same way, while I’m at her place.

I’m not unhappy about bunking down there. I’m glad to have a chance to spend more time with mum, to help her around the house, to chat about my apartment repairing, the parents’ country house decorating and so on. It’s just weird to receive phone calls in the middle of the night requiring where the hell I am. Trust me, mum, there are places you wouldn’t like to know about!

Anyway, I’m spending the coming V-Day with my family at our country house, because the only true love I’ve ever experienced is for my parents, siblings and grandparents.

Happy coming Valentine’s Day to all of you!
Love and be loved!


Anonymous said...

Well I hope your V-day is excellent.
Thats what moms do I think, thats how they roll.

lol@ some places she doesn't want to know about!

Bella@That damn expat said...

She fills your lunch box?
That's so cute! Or creepy. I can't decide which.

Maria said...

What's the plan for tomorrow girl? Hope enjoy time with your friends and love ones. Happy Valentines in advance.

Sunny said...

Sage, yep, it was fine ;)

Bella, that's creepy

Maria, enjoy the VDay too!

The Demigoddess said...

I suddenly missed my mom after reading your post. I think I will go visit her soon.

Sunny said...

The Demigoddess, I'm sure you and your mum will spend lovely time together.