Friday, September 12

back to school

The IT department purchased a very useful software and hired a coach to teach me and one of salesmanagers how to use it. I was really excited as learning something new is aways inspiring.

So the coach arrived, switched on my computer pressed the icon of the software and exclaimed: " It's a wrong version! I was said to teach you version 7 and this is the 8th". I was startled. The version on my computer is recent, hence it's more up-to-date and is more compatible with the fancy Windows Vista. However the coach grew awfully unhappy about #8 and called the IT department to replace the new version by the older one.

It took almost an hour.

Finally, the coach, the salesmanager and me settled at my desk and launched the programme. As I was closer to the PC, that was me to click all the buttons. The first hour of studies was fine, I was clicking buttons, taking notes and answering the phone from time to time, while the sales manager was sitting in his chair, dangling his feet and talking on the phone all the time. As for the coach, he was talking clearing his throat every five minutes, peeping at his notes and sipping coffee.

During the next 45 minutes I grew slighly tired and began to realise that this coach is not actually that good at teaching and most of his explanations were very vague. Anyway, I kept on listening, while the salesmanager was yawning and painting mysterious ornament on a post-it paper.

The third 45 minutes were a disaster, I was about dozing off and was trying to prevent my head from dropping on the keyboard. The coach was mumbling something about invoices registration, when the salesmanager went away for a coffee and never returned.

45 minutes of frustration more and I was honoured to show the coach the way to the parking lot. Finally, he was gone and I returned to my daily duties.

Today I've launched my brand-new version of software, downloaded a guide book from the Internet and now I'm rediscovering all the benefit of it. It rocks!


Miss Caught Up said...

LOL that's always the case, isn't it? Sometimes, it's just much easier to learn on your own! :)

Sunny said...

Indeed :)