Tuesday, September 16

back to teaching

Yesterday Boss introduced his youngest daughter to me and asked to help her with the English homework. That's why my last working hour was devoted to learning the following poem:

What is you name?
What is your name?
Now tell me please,
What is you name?
My name is Diana
My name is Diana
That's my name.

The third and the seventh lines appeared to be the most difficult and it took a while to explain the difference between "what" and "that". Then the girl and me repeated the poem a thousand times and in an hour or so she learnt it by heart. Her English lesson is tomorrow and I'd like to know the mark she'll receive. Hope , it'll be A.


Miss Caught Up said...

Interesting. Sounds like you and the Boss have a good relationship.

Sunny said...

We do get along well.

Besides, he pays me for teaching his daughter :)